Wednesday, April 16, 2014

High Noon?

What do you folks make of this stand off in Nevada?  The cattle rancher facing down the government? High Noon? Gary Cooper wearing the ten gallon white hat?

What's on your mind tonight?

Divided by...

Matt Taibbi has a new book out.  " Divided." It's about how blacks, hispanics, etc. " Minorities."  How they are treated by cops and the American " justice " system vis a vis white collar criminals.

Our jails and prisons are filled to the brim with poor folks who got caught with a little dope on their person. Folks who made $500 on a street corner in The Bronx.Yet rich white guys get away with...

You've heard the story before. But in " Divided ", Taibbi tells it like it is. Now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House Work

My mother's flying down here with Donna Sunday. She'll be staying in the guest room here. She needs a break. Some R and R. We've been concerned about mom for a year. I've gone up north to be with her several times. Donna's been a rock. Exploring options. We've set up services for her up there, but it's come to this. We need to be near her. She needs to be near us. She's taking a big step Sunday.

There's work to be done.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Manual Labor

Don't you wish, at times, that we adults had a handbook - a manual designed to help us cope with whatever life throws at us?  I know what some of you might be thinking:

Hey dude - there's the bible.

Fair enough.  If that's your handbook, fine. It's not mine. Too much certainty and so little doubt in that best seller. Me? I have my doubts. About most everything.

If I had to name one book that's been kind of a manual for me for decades, it would be Robert Pirsig's Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. ZATAOMM is about values. What is quality? Pirsig asks. And tries, for several hundred pages, to answer that question. Pirsig's motorcycle is a metaphor. The bikes we're all working on are ourselves.

ZATAOMM is an owner's manual, a book I've kept in my mind's glove compartment. I pull over every now and then, pull it out and thumb through the pages.

What's in your glove compartment?

Presumptions Will Cost Us

Much is being made this morning of the alleged transgression last night by Yankee starting pitcher Michael Pineda. He is suspected, by many of doctoring up the ball with pine tar during the Red Sox/Yankees contest in The Bronx. I watched the game. ob Costas was in the booth broadcasting for MLB TV. Gosh. A controversy in a sporting event covered by Bob Costas?

Let me add here that the Red Sox, nor the umpires complained or investigated the so called pine tar on Pineda's fingers. The unwritten rule in MLB is this: If the opposing team has no problem with it, there is no problem.

Yet it's not Pineda's brilliant performance last night that's the lead on this story. It's the suspicion.

Cheating in sports disgusts me. Playing between the fair lines means one must play fair. To cheat in sports is to spit ( pun intended ) on those who do not cheat.

But there is no proof of Pineda's alleged doctoring up of the sphere. I think the guy pitched a great game. I know he did; I saw it with my own two eyes. Did I see pine tar? No. I might have thought I did, but I didn't.

Pineda should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. That's the American way. And not just in the American pasttime.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Roadhouse

This is the anniversary of the best bash we ever threw. April 9, 1977. Our wedding reception. The venue: The Red Basket in Southampton, Massachusetts. The same place where my parents met in 1946. The same place where a scene in the 1966 film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf was filmed.

The morning after the bash we hightailed it to Florida. Drove all day and all night. Straight through. No stopping, except for grub and gasoline. Gasoline which cost us about 65 cents a gallon.

The honeymoon trip wasn't exactly a metaphor for what we've been doing since that drive down I-95.  Yes. It's been a long winding road we've been on. But we've made many stops. Different towns. Different houses. Job changes.

Starts and stops. Stops and starts. But we keep right on going. The two of us. Together. Sharing the wheel. Donna drives for three hours. We pull into a rest stop and change seats. I drive for a while.

Yeah. It's been a long winding road. Interstates. Blue highways. Off ramps and on. We come and we go. We go and we come.

It all started at that roadhouse, where we threw the best bash ever thrown. That roadhouse where my parents met. And where Dick and Liz, AKA George and Martha spent some time in the 60s.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm So Glad You Asked...

Some random observations on this eighth day of what T.S. Eliot called " the cruelest month."

* Will Putin be satisfied with raping Crimea?  I don't think so. My guess is this cagey beaver needs not a single lover, but a harem. Or a he-ram. Russian politics makes strange  bedfellows, fellas.

Putin wants to be back in the USSR. And to accomplish this, he's going to have to make dates with those whose names include Stan.

* The latest breaking news I saw, regarding that missing Malaysian 777, is that the Indian Ocean is as deep, in some places,as Mount Everest is high. And the other day I heard there is concern, because of the number of planes searching for the 777, that some of these search crafts might crash into each other.

* Could someone please explain to me what " an active shooter situation " is? Don't look to me to answer this question. I'm drawing a blank.

* I'm watching the Red Sox play the Texas Rangers right now. The Sox are down 9-1 in the fifth. I'll be going back and forth tween the Sox game and the Uconn/Notre Dame womens championship game in a few minutes. The way things are going, Texas might score more runs tonight than Notre Dame scores points against Uconn.

* The minimum wage issue is a moral issue.It's not right to pay people that little for whatever kind of work they do. This is America. People have been paying way too much attention since last month on the number 777.

When they should be thinking 1010.

$10.10.  That's what the minimum wage should be in April 2014. In America.