Tuesday, April 22, 2014

That Tattoo You Do To Me

When I was a counselor on a psych ward in western Massachusetts one of the jobs I had was leading and co-leading group therapy sessions. One of the groups I co-led was called FORG. Focus On Recovery Group.

Those assigned by their treatment teams to this group were addicted to something. Mostly drugs and alcohol. We also had some folks who had gambling Joneses.

It was not uncommon to have folks in this group who had spent some time in some kind of " correctional " facility.

Way I see it, the only department of corrections I'm comfortable with is the one that corrects my spelling and grammar mistakes. Talk about repeat offenders. I'm incorrigible.

But that's another story.

One day on the unit, my co-leader and I had a guy in the group whose arms had sleeves of tattoos on them. The artwork completely covered the skin of his well toned and muscular arms. Shortly after the 50 minute session ended, the nursing supervisor called me aside.

" B has a problem with the guy with all those tattoos."

B being the guy with whom I conducted the group.

" B wants the guy to wear long sleeve shirts when he comes to the group, " The supervisor said.

" I have a problem with that, " I said.

I had a big problem with this. The groups were the talk therapy part of the patients' treatment plans. The meds prescribed by the docs were the other part. The groups were designed to encourage patients to express themselves. To get things off their chest.

The tattooed guy had chosen to get some things off his chest and onto his arms. B wanted to cover this up?

The tattoos were in no way offensive. No curse words. Nothing that could offend.

Why was B offfended by this? I have no idea.

Long session short.

The supervisor agreed with me. The next time the guy came to the group he came with his sleeves on.

The ones made up of the ink work needled into his arms.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bad Folk Music

Will the New Jersey governor survive all these investigations into his alleged wrongdoing? Or will he go to trial? If he does end up in court, I can't wait to see this headline when things fall apart for the prosecution:


What's News?

Who brings me my news? 

I get it from all over the place. And yes - I watch the cable guys. More for entertainment than anything else. And, of course, one of the hats I wear writing this blog is that of media critic.Which is one of the easiest jobs on the planet.

CNN is still covering this missing Malaysian 777 story like it broke the day before yesterday. This bizarre coverage has been going on for six weeks. There has been absolutely no news. When are they going to let this thing go?

A couple of Sundays ago I tuned into CNN's " Reliable Sources," a media criticism show. I wanted to see how the host would handle the egregious missing plane story covered by the network this guy works for. 

The first ten minutes of the show were preempted. By coverage of the then 4 week old story of the plane disappearing. Then, when the show did come on, nothing was said about CNN's coverage of the flight to nowhere. Ay yi yi.

I turned on CNN this morning. The topic wasn't, for once, the missing plane. It was office politics. Who was the CNN anchor woman interviewing?  Another CNN anchor woman.  They couldn't find another office to talk about other than their own?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Earth?

NASA's orbiting Kepler space telescope has detected a planet named Kepler -186f, close to Earth's size in orbit around its star. The planet is about 500 light years from our solar system."

News item today

If this one has something comparable to CNN, I wonder what it's focusing on today? Missing airplanes?  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

High Noon?

What do you folks make of this stand off in Nevada?  The cattle rancher facing down the government? High Noon? Gary Cooper wearing the ten gallon white hat?

What's on your mind tonight?

Divided by...

Matt Taibbi has a new book out.  " Divided." It's about how blacks, hispanics, etc. " Minorities."  How they are treated by cops and the American " justice " system vis a vis white collar criminals.

Our jails and prisons are filled to the brim with poor folks who got caught with a little dope on their person. Folks who made $500 on a street corner in The Bronx.Yet rich white guys get away with...

You've heard the story before. But in " Divided ", Taibbi tells it like it is. Now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House Work

My mother's flying down here with Donna Sunday. She'll be staying in the guest room here. She needs a break. Some R and R. We've been concerned about mom for a year. I've gone up north to be with her several times. Donna's been a rock. Exploring options. We've set up services for her up there, but it's come to this. We need to be near her. She needs to be near us. She's taking a big step Sunday.

There's work to be done.