Monday, March 19, 2012

Miami? Yes. Miami

TIM TEBOW ( On Left )

Mark my words: Tim Tebow will be the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins next season. Why do I say this?

A./ Peyton Manning will be the Denver QB

B./ Tim is a Florida guy ( Jacksonville/UF )

C./Tim loves to hug palm trees

D./ Tim loves Florida oranges

E./ Denver's nice. But it sure ain't Soth Beach


Anonymous said...

I thought the gal in the pic was none other than your Moriarity! Has she been down in Florida enjoying the South Beach scene???

Terrence Tebow said...

The girl in the yellow bikini does look like Moriarty. I yelled at her last night to come see the pic. She was nowhere to be found. Then the phone rang. It was Moriarty. Calling from South Beach!

And I had hoped someone would say how much Tim looks like me in a bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

I believe I never saw you in a bathing suit...back in the Moonstone days, if you know what I mean...

Terrence said...

If this is jc's comment, I'm blushing. All over. But it might be Mr. Collins. Ah Moonstone. Those were the days. All those folks getting all over tans: Grinn and Barrett, George Burns and Gracie Tanz, Attila the Honeycolored, Captain Rehab, Clint Driftwood, Ringo Starfish, et al.

Anonymous said...


Terrence said...

If Tim opts for Charlotte, I'm really gonna get worried.

Terrence said...


My blush just got redder.