Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gun Shy

At last count, there were about 300 million privately owned guns in this country. That's one gun per person here. But most Americans don't own guns. The number is so high because those who do own the damn things own two or three.

The U.S. of A.  is the country with the highest rate of firearm ownership on the planet. Which country is the Avis, We Try Harder land?

Yemen. Whose rate of gun ownership is half ours. Yemen!

I tend to collect stuff. Music tapes and CDs. Baseball caps. Stuff like that. So I'm not saying collecting stuff is a bad thing. But guns?

Look " Fetish " up in the dictionary.

If you have a gun, and want to protect your house and your family like the guy in Straw Dogs did...

OK. That's not the best example.

Having a gun in the house to protect your family is OK by me. But collecting the things?

Having two, three, four locked in a gun safe. Your house looks like an ammo dump?

I have a problem with that, slick. Just sayin'


collins said...

you know I've been giving some thought recently to try and understand liberals hatred of guns....I honestly don't get it. And why is collecting them so odd to you- as compared to,say,stamps?

Anonymous said...

Stamps don't kill people comes to mind...

I'll leave it at that for now. I have deleted everything else I was ranting about that ridiculous comment made by your friend from Florida.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

Absent the presence of human negligence, stupidity, or aggression, guns are perfectly safe. Just like stamps.

collins said...

typical lib bullshit from your friend from Nantucket....and I'm assuming that the Mr. B in other posting is her I right? will she be borrowing the Porsche to go to those anti-Wall St rallies venting about the 1%? Such a load of crap. Wonder if she can see it or will just start another "rant".

Terrence said...

Uh oh...


Watch out, Mr. Collins, someone might throw the book ( of stamps ) at you.

Looks like we have some agree to disagree stuff going on here, which is fine. Healthy debate on an important issue: Stamp control

Li'l Em-Kel said...

Hey, wait a minute! Cars kill people, too! Lots of 'em.