Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Numbers Game

Every day, every single day, we see the numbers. They're always at the bottom of the screen as we watch the egregious cable channel " news." We listen to National Public Radio's hourly updates. We know what the DOW numbers are.

Yet we have to search for the numbers of American troops killed in these wars we're fighting. Did I say " we?" Only one percent of the families in this home of the free and land of the brave have a family member " Over There. " The names of the dead are often buried on page 18 of the New York Times. A so called " liberal rag. "  

The DOW was up 180 today. I have no idea how many fine young men and women in uniform died today in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. On those mean city streets so very, very far from the street in lower Manhattan.

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