Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saint Valentine?

NYU Course On Baseball As Religion

Interesting piece in the Times today, and timely, as Fenway Cathedral celebrates its 100th year.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

Call me crazy but, after today's 15 to 9 loss to the Yanks, I think the Sox may have a bullpen problem.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Saw the article; thought of you and the other Sox fans for whom this game is akin to organized religion.
Maybe you could take the course online!?

Terrence said...

jc It's like flyfishing was to that family in Norman McLean's A River Runs Through It. secular religion indeed.

Li'l em

When I heard it was the 100th Friday at Fenway, I thought they were talking about how many runs the bullpen had given up since Wednesday.

Terrence said...

Might not be a bad idea to have the Sox wear those vintage numberless, nameless jerseys for the rest of the season. It'll make it harder for fans to know who to throw the tomatoes at.