Sunday, April 15, 2012

Surfer Girls? Not.

Moriarty and I spend a lot of time in Florida. We're going back next week. Moriarty wears a lot of hats in this family. One of them is Travel Agent. She decides where to go, and I, like one of the kids marching behind the Pied Piper, follow.

My favorite place in Florida is South Beach in Miami. Miami Vice was filmed there. The Al Pacino film, Scarface was shot there. Models vacation there. It's a dangerous place, a risky business zone. You might even spot a topless model basking on the beach in the art deco area. The streets are filled with beautiful people. Some underdressed.

So where are we going next week? Sarasota. Where, I just read, the Amish are going. The Amish, when the get the urge for going in their buggys, go to Sarasota.

I have nothing against the Amish. Witness is one of my favorite movies. But Sarasota? Why not just drive up to Harrisburg next week?

Know any good travel agents?

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