Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We're in Venice, Florida. Venice has to be one of the great towns in the country. Lots of pastel colored buildings, Spanish architecture, towering palms. Took Oliver to a dog beach here, one where dogs can run loose. Oliver was a little overwhelmed by all the possible connections there. He likes to network, do business on the beach. Our business? Picking up.

The Gulf of Mexico was gorgeous this morning. Nary a cloud overhead. Some small waves lapping the shore. Water temp: About 77.  Met some nice folks today. Diane, Gary, Tim, Glenn. Oliver connected with Kendra, a bulldog, and three Italian grayhounds. A German Shepherd was a little aggressive with our German Shorthair, but Oliver was good with him. Just stayed out of his way. Turned the other cheek.

Good dog.

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