Sunday, May 6, 2012

Craig Pittman. Read His Stuff!


Check out this guy's work. And what a resume!


Gene said...

You are on a roll today!

As chairman of our local Inland, Wetland and Watercorse comission, I'm pretty involved in a lot of stuff like this. My best responce is, "Any idea why they drink so much wine in France? Because they can't drink the water, that they've fucked up so badly over the past several hundred years."


Terrence said...

Crain has also written about a water issue in FL that closely parallels what happened to Enfield, Dana, MA et all to supply water to the Boston area.

Terrence said...

Craig I mean

Li'l Em-Kel said...

You probably meant "et al." and not "et all", but even if you wrote "et al." you would have been wrong since that expression refers exclusively to people. "Etc." would have been more appropriate, at least to those who feel that the use of "etc." is ever appropriate.

(I gotta get a life.)

Terrence said...

Li'l ed.newman

We had spaghetti and meatballs the other night. I et all of it.

And. How many fine tooth combs do you have in your drawer?