Thursday, May 24, 2012


The camper next to us had Oregon plates. When I saw that I said to myself: I'm going to talk to this stranger.

As readers of this blog are aware: I have a fascination with the city of Eureka, California, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the Oregon line. I wonder why the temperatures in Eureka are so often 30 degrees colder than the temperatures are in nearby Medford Oregon. Eureka and Medford are both on the coast. Medford is about 40 miles north of Eureka. Yet when it's 79 in Medford, it's often 58 in Eureka.

What's the deal? Why is that? I'm curious. Nosey? Maybe.

Getting back to the guy in the camper next to us. I struck up a conversation. I talk to strangers. I hunger for conversation, and material, like a fast food junkie craves a Hardees Thickburger and a large order of fries.

I asked the Oregonian: " Why is Eureka always so cold? "

" Oh I've been there when it's been hotter than hell," this guy said.

Not the answer I was anticipating.

" Why is the temperature in Eureka always so much different from what it is across the border in Medford? " I asked.

" Maybe you're just seeing something I haven't seen, " he said.

Keep in mind. This guy lives out there. All I do is check a weather map in USA Today.

Long story short. I picked up a USA Today today. Checked the weather map. High temperature predicted in Eureka today: 57.

High temp in Medford?


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