Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Car Toon

The Hartford Courant's Bob Englehart nails it with this one.


JennWC said...

Guilty. I haver NEVER been to a military cemetary on Memorial Day, or otherwise in observance of. Have you?

Terrence said...

I served for 4 years. Air Force. I was one of the lucky ones. Didn't get orders for Nam. But I served. So I'm not feeling guilty about not visiting a military cemetery. When I was serving, I thought for sure there was a good chance I'd be IN one. Six feet under. Anticipating going to Nam, and the tension that came with it, wasn't a day at the beach. The reason I posted Englehart's cartoon is because it says much about what, I think, a lot of people think about doing on this holiday weekend. The off ramp to the military cemetery is, in my humble opinion, a metaphor.

jenn said...

What do you do/ think about doing on Memorial day w/e? What do you think we who have not served in the military should have been doing? Not that I like getting "you shoulds" but go ahead.

Terrence said...


Here's what I did yesterday.

* Did some writing ( Pro Bono work for which I will not be paid )

* Took a ride on my new bike ( Made in Japan )

* Watched the Red Sox game

* Reread some of the Memorial Day w/e stuff I posted on my blog

* Plucked weeds that were growing through the cracks of our patio pavers.

* ate some of the pasta/shrimp dish I cooked over the w/e

* Walked Oliver

* Called my mom and wished her a good Memorial Day.

* Encouraged some hometown friends to wave to my mom as she watched the parade from her stoop on the route. Asked, if they didn't see her on the stoop, to go up and get her.

* Checked in with my friend Mark LaFrancis, with whom I was stationed in SC. Mark is touring, reading from his latest book: In Their Boots, poems based on interviews he did with Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers and their families.

* Read the parts of the Sunday Times I hadn't read Sunday.

* Thought about what I'm going to wear when I speak at the graduation next week. Thought: Would wearing jeans be disrespectful, as long as I wear a button down Oxford shirt and a tie?

* Had a few glasses of Merlot and toasted the pictures of my father up on the bookcase.

* Kissed Donna goodnight