Thursday, May 31, 2012


The verdict is in.

Not guilty on one charge. Mistrial on all other 5 charges.

What a waste of time and so, so much money. Pardon me for using the word:


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Terrence said...

Question: Is Edwards a charming sociopath, or a delusional guy whose issues need to be dealt with with meds and therapy? His comments post jury verdict were astonishing. His daughter next to him. His parents beside him. His telling of stories of how he loves to eat breakfast with his kids.

Family man?

It goes without saying I don't like this guy. But it's like saying I don't like the guy on the Jerry Springer show who beats his wife...on national television. It's si easy to judge. It feels so good to think: I'm better than that.

How convenient a villain John Edwards is.

Follow the money. Compare what was allegedly given wrongly to Edwards with what is given, as a matter of course, to other politicians. This wasn't a prosecution; this was a persecution.