Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dimon In The Rough


Mr. Dimon appeared before a congressional committee this week. Why? Because this is what congressional committeees do. Seek attention. The plan was for we the people to see our elected officials call a big banker to task. To ask tough questions and get us Americans to side with the stiffs who were asking the questions. What happened? Jamie Dimon hit it out of the park. Made a lot of us think of Johnny Damon.

I like this guy's style.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

When politicians speak to each other or to the press, they look smart. When they speak to anyone who knows his business - military brass, business leaders, and Supreme Court nominees, for example - they look stupid. Sophomoric in its classic sense.

Terrence said...

Wise fools? Not sure of the "wise " part. Certain of the " fools " part.

Li'l Em-Kel said...

I prefer to think of it as fools with an education. Most of these people have law degrees, fer chrissake.