Friday, June 15, 2012

The Learning Curve

Moriarty picked her new car up yesterday. The first curve she took with it was the learning curve. The new, red VW bug is a computer on wheels.  Touch screen radio. A key system that has to be seen to be believed. And that's just the tip of the berg. What's under the hood is high tech, too.

Moriarty also got a new cell phone yesterday, and she's trying to figure that out.

Me? I just bought an Apple iPad today. I've been a Bill Gates guy for years. Microsoft Windows. Now I have something Steve Jobs introduced to the world. How difficult was it for this high tech challenged geek to transition from one operating system to that other one?

It took me an hour to figure out how to turn the fucking thing on.

Moriarty and I are into new things. Zen masters call this " Beginner's mind." Exploring new territory. Reconnoitering.

Don't do as I say. Do as we do.

It almost feels like we graduated a week ago tonight.


Gene said...

you are gonna LOVE your I-Pad.


Terrence said...

I already do, and I don't know shit yet.

Gene said...

One of the best things I bought for the I is the Zagg blue tooth keyboard. It not only protects, but turns the whole thing into a touch screen laptop. My Acer laptop sits in the drawer now. All my writing is done in the i-Pad, using Pages, and a wireless printer. Stevie, whereever you are, thank you!


Anonymous said...

So, can I text her on her new cell phone?
As long as you are into the new world, why not?
Let me know which writing program is best for your iPad. I haven't gotten around to this yet--use Word, adapted for the mac, not so great at all.
And then there are the apps and music downloads...Is your Apple store nearby? The best part of the experience of going for a tutorial is that there are hordes of employees--all under the age of 25, patiently teaching groups of students who are all over the age of 50. The trip will be worth many blog posts, trust me!
Good luck!