Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road Work

Sorry about the spotty blogging the past few days. We've been on the road, in the Concord, heading north.

We're in PA now, north of Harrisburg. Destination: Rhode Island tomorrow. Then Connecticut and western Mass.

The heat is on. Predictions here and in the mid Atlantic states are: Temps in the low 100s. Heat indexes near 115 degrees. And it's only June!


Gene said...

Nice looking camper. there is one parked right across the campground I'm a resedent of at the moment. And bummer, I'll miss our visit at the Breachway; we're in Arazona at the moment. (yeah, I know... But it's a dry heat...)

Travel safe.


Terrence said...

We'll be in Charlestown today. I'll miss you at the Breachway.