Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Art of Darkness

It's hard to get one's mind around the scope of India's electrical blackout yesterday. The power failure affected 670 million people. That's about one tenth of the world's population.
Nobody knows what caused this. Theories range from farmers pumping water into their fields because of the lack of monsoon rains to a rash of large solar flares this week.

Six hundred and seventy million people lost power in India Tuesday. That's the bad news. The good news?  Most regions got their power back today. This country suffers a major ( 3 million without power ) blackout and it takes us a week or more to get folks back on the grid.

Maybe India can shed some light, let us know why their grid bounces back so quickly, and ours tends not to.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

I wonder who the Indians call for tech support.

Terrence said...

Wifiawatha? Oh. THOSE Indians. Very funny Li'l em.

Another angle to consider. I wonder if fast food drive-throughs all over this country were out of service for a day. A lot of Mcd's drive-throughs are manned by folks in India. They take the call.

You want curry with that?