Monday, March 25, 2013

Chemistry Test

This " Red Line " that may or may not have been crossed in Syria. Did they or didn't the regime use chemical weapons against its own people?

We're saying maybe.

Maybe? This is that ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. This is the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This is what was said about that ship being blown up in near Cuba more than one hundred years ago.

Maybe's not good enough. Wars started by people surrounded by a bodyguard of lies are all too common. History is full of them. Suspicions that Syria used chemical weapons? Prove it. It's not hard to prove. The U.N. needs to do something. Not the U.S., the U.N. Go to Syria. Test areas in which chemical weapons are rumored to have been used. Any chemist will tell you, this is not a hard thing to do. If chemical weapons were used, there will be traces, a forensic trail of bread crumbs that gets staler and staler the longer we wait.

This shouldn't be a"  maybe."  It has to be an " it happened."  It needs to be proved.

We can't keep getting into wars based on rumors, lies, and maybes. We owe it to the brave soldiers who fight the wars evil men start.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

In all the years since the US entered Iraq, purportedly to capture or destroy weapons of mass destruction, I have heard and seen reports from dozens of sources that there were never any WMDs in that country and that George Bush made up a lie about them being stockpiled by Hussein. This was offered as the reason to invade Iraq. I have never heard any speculation, however, as to what was the real reason for the war. If it wasn't WMDs, what was it?

Similar questions could be asked about the sinking of the Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin resolution.

Terrence said...

Li'l el Maine

What scares the shit out of me most here is that we seem to be in agreement on this.

Terrence said...

Li'l em

And Helen of Troy got a bad rap re THAT war. Seems to be a pattern...