Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Ultimate Insult

USA Today's Weekend Edition has three full pages packed with news about the UFC. Ultimate Fighting. This bloody, stupid, violent " sport " has really caught on in the past few years. It makes professional boxing look like the Bolshoi Ballet. Which, on second thought, is getting pretty violent itself.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stay competitive, I guess.

You hear the word " Ultimate " as it relates to sports, and you probably think of these less than human cock fighters whose pictures are plastered all over the paper today. But when I hear the word...

I think of Ultimate Frisbee, a sport my niece and nephew are into big time.

Lisa played for the Carleton College team. And she coached the Amherst College Womens Team.

Nephew Sam was the co-captain of the Carleton College national championship team a couple of years ago.

Ultimate Frisbee gets next to no press. I can't find, when I look hard, any stories about how Sam's team did that year they won it all.

Ultimate Frisbee is a kind and gentle sport in which the players themselves make the calls. It's a sport based on an honor system. We need to hear more about UF. Ultimate Frisbee, not fighting.


Li'l Em-Kel said...

Do they have Card Girls?

Terrence said...

I'm trying to encourage my niece and nephew, who are big wigs in the sport, to merge with the UFC. A combination of Ultimate fighting and Ultimate Frisbee. UF needs a lot more press than it gets. Because it's civil, wholesome. That just doesn't work. Americans want violence and thugs, not civility and hugs. Card girls would be a nice touch, too.

Anonymous said...

What are "Card Girls"?

Kid Em-Kel said...

Card Girls are scantily clad floozies who sashay around the ring between rounds carrying big cards that show the crowd the number of the upcoming round.

They used to be quite common (in the sense of "frequently seen"), but I don't know if they still are.